Common Casino Cheats

Most legal gambling strategies and methods that were developed by the gamblers failed and it turned out that it is possible to hit great money only using luck and cheats. Cheating is not a good practice because all casinos watch all the visitors and use multiple preventive measures to spot the tricksters and prevent all illegal actions.

Among the most widespread cheating methods used by players is the blotting of cards. All the cards in every deck used at the table are clear and to spot some of them which can be very important in the game the gamblers used to make the marks on them. Of course, the player has to do marks so that not to be discovered. The simplest way to blot the cards is by scratching or bending them. Some cheaters try even to daub the cards however these marks are quite recognizable.

Speaking about the so-called "skilled" techniques, we should mention the cheating practice by exchanging the cards with the ones that have been hidden beforehand. This method really needs much skill as the gambler has to move a card from table and pick up the hidden card, for instance, from the sleeve or pocket, and not to be disclosed. Some of the gamblers may even pass the needed card to their partners at the table and in such way make the fake deal.

Probably the simplest way of cheating is watching the other gambler's cards as the other players can reveal their cards for a moment. Yet it is not easy to notice the value of the opponents' cards as most gamblers are careful and touch the hole cards only when it is required.

Of course, some players manage to use card-counting software and special gaming devices that are actually forbidden at gambling hall.

The gamblers even try to cheat at other popular gambling games, such as craps, slots or roulette. According to the Roulette rules, this game is one of the most difficult to cheat. It is possible just by putting the additional chips on the board after the game results are known or using devices which allow to change the outcome of the game. In fact, all listed systems do not work at the modern casino rooms because any manipulations are easily noticed by the hole cameras.

Moreover, some ground-based casinos violate the law and try to cheat their visitors. It is not very difficult as the casino staff can easily use specific devices and are trained to do it without being disclosed. In case you see that something is going wrong with the results or you managed to reveal the dealer cheats, the best recommendation is to leave the casino. The authorities are to revoke the license of the gambling establishments that use cheating techniques against the gamblers. Avoid illegal gambling spots and trust you money only to those gambling venues and online casinos that are officially allowed to operate.